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Blue Ridge Farm
Doing Things A Little Differently...
Blue Ridge Farm Beef Company Owners
Blue Ridge Farm Beef Company Farm
Our Beef... Our Story...
At Blue Ridge Farm we take a different approach to our beef. We raise grass fed, all natural beef on the high plains of Colorado. Our steers are never given growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics and are allowed to grow up for about two years. During that time they are put out to pasture, enjoying their long summer days among the rolling hills and tall grass, and in the winters are fed grass hay and protein/vitamin supplements to ensure they maintain condition and continue their natural growth pattern. We never overstock our land with too many cattle and intentionally keep the herd size smaller, using sustainable pasture management practices. 
Our beef also receives no grain or corn, but rather is allowed to graze naturally, which is what nature intended. This way of raising beef allows for a very lean, well marbled product that cooks quickly and has an excellent taste.  
The Healthy Choice
By having such a lean, all natural product, our beef provides many health benefits that include lower fat, calories and cholesterol compared to store bought beef. Our beef is also higher in Vitamin B and E and has four times the level of beneficial Omega 3's and ALAs.
Natural Beef from grass fed cows
The Blue Ridge Farm Family
Eve Hampton Darrow
Eve Hampton Darrow
Steve Darrow
Steve Darrow
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