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Our Beef
Our Beef
Grass fed, all natural beef. Our beef is never given growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics and are raised for about 18 months - 2 years to maturity. Our beef has higher Vitamin B and E and has four times the level of beneficial Omega 3's and ALAs. 
How it's Sold
At Blue Ridge Farm we sell our beef in quarters. Meaning that you are taking delivery of 25% of the meat of that steer. The quarters are mixed for all customers and no one receives just the front or the back of the steer. Your beef will include a variety of cuts from premium filets and ribeye steaks to rump roast, brisket and ground beef. We sell our beef by the industry standard - hanging weight. The hanging beef is allowed to dry age in a cooler for up to three weeks, providing you with the best quality, best tasting grass fed beef available.
How It's Sold
cuts of beef
Cut breakdown (Large Steer): We will remove the bone when appropriate and cut the beef to your specification. With that you will receive about 35 pounds of steak, 35 pounds of roast and 50 pounds of ground beef and stew equaling around 120 pounds per quarter steer for a large animal. We also have smaller steers available for the space constrained or those looking for a smaller finished order.
Custom Processing
Custom Processing
dry aged beef
Our beef is all processed locally by a very experienced butcher. Local processing ensures that your steer is not being shipped long distances in a trailer which causes stress to the animal and adds adrenaline to the meat which impacts its taste. Our customers will have the opportunity to fill out a "cut sheet" which is your order to the butcher for how you'd like your beef cut with certain guidelines. Your cut sheet also allows you to specify how many pounds you want your individual packages to contain and specifications of your steaks. Once your order has been processed it will then be place in cold storage for 2-3 weeks thus producing a "Dry Aged Beef" with a quality you could fined at the best steakhouses. 

We use a fantastic family-owned, small processor that practices the highest attention to detail and truly strives to be partners with its customers.  The beef is packaged in heavy-duty plastic cryovac packaging and frozen just after custom cutting.  While paper packaging also does an effective job at keeping your beef protected, this packaging allows you to see your cuts and the marbling of the beef.  Each package is individually labeled with the customer’s name and type of cut.
2023 Pricing
2016 Pricing
  • Our beef is competitively priced at $7.50 per pound hanging weight, which includes all processing fees and local delivery.  A small fuel surcharge may be required for deliveries in excess of 25 miles from the ranch.
  • We require a $200 deposit to secure your order.  Deposits are non-refundable unless we can replace your order with that of another customer.

  • Processing dates are available most months of the year, so please let us know if you have a preference for when you’d like to receive your beef.

beef slab
Download Our Cut Sheet and Order With Us Today!!
If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at any time!
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