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Eve Hampton Darrow
Eve Hampton was raised in the Washington DC area and has ridden horses for most of her life.  She had the goal of being involved in agriculture as a career from an early age, and has lived on small farms for the better part of 30 years.  Eve has shown horses in Virginia, Wisconsin and Colorado, is a member of the Arapahoe Hunt Club, and enjoys upland bird hunting with her German Shorthair Pointer.   She purchased her first cattle in 2009 and focused on the Lowline Angus breed because of its superior grass finishing qualities, pleasant personalities and better stocking rate on smaller parcels of land.  Since 2013 she has been able to purchase larger grazing parcels and is using her Lowline Angus as the foundation for a medium frame sized beef herd.  Eve retired from the finance industry and enjoys ranching full time!
Blue Ridge Farm is named in honor of Eve's Father, Arthur Hampton, who was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.
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