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Calving Season 2016

This year’s calving season is done and we have been blessed with beautiful and healthy babies. We try to calve in the spring time to avoid the cold weather in January through March, and bring our herd home to be close to us for observation and any potential birthing assistance. Of course when you aim to calve in April and May in Colorado, it still snows! We had major blizzards in April requiring long nights of checking mothers in the knee-deep snow with a flashlight. Big snowstorms also bring on the calving process if any of the mothers are close to giving birth, and we had several calves in the snow this year. Our blizzard babies made it thorough just fine with an indoor isolation pen where they can get dried off, warmed up and fed with their mamas.

When everyone is done giving birth, we turn the newly-branded herd out to the big pasture to grow up and enjoy the sunshine. Stay tuned for updates on the herd and summer ranch pictures.

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